Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poor Boy's Soul- Everything I Had

Trever Jones of Ashland, Oregon will be coming to Arizona for a couple of shows. He performs under the moniker of Poor Boy's Soul and from the sounds of his release entitled "Everything I Had," it's a dead on description of his sound. Immediately the feel of Leadbelly and Robert Johnson fill the air. However, it is not so much an artist trying to sound like the old legends but a sublime flavor of a time passed mixed with the soul of a man in the modern world. I was greatly pleased to hear the opening riff of the title track of the album and immediately thought of Tom Waits. I don't know if I was pleased or dissapointed to not hear Tom's voice come clumbering in, but that has more to do with my own battles with the aforementioned legend. Regardless of my own craziness, it's a gem of a track. The track "Temptation" continues the collection and contains a hint of Kenny Wayne Shepard in it's vocal qualities. Before I forget, the background vocals of Nola Pierce are a great compliment to Jones' voice, and I look forward to hearing her voice in her own projects. The album is very consistent. That might be my issue with it. I definitely sensesed a lack of dynamics both in the songs individually and as an album as a whole. However, the honesty of soul of the album is transparent, especially on the track "Turn To Stone." In that particular track you can hear the resonance of a man enjoying his music. I am also particularlly fond of the Graham Burke penned tune entitled "Poker Chip," which yet again harkens the flavor of the great soul man Tom Waits. All in all a good effort from our visitor from Oregon.

Grade: B

Poor Boy's Soul will be performing June 20th at The Yucca Tap Room in Phoenix with Adam Cogswell and June 21st at The Red Room in Tucson. You can call in with your questions and comments June 16th at 10pm on the live broadcast of Azoverload.

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