Thursday, May 20, 2010


Scream! Scream! Screaming from THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT KATE

The perpetual Battle Royale took place at The Rock in Tucson on May 14th. The air was filled with the stench of a bad 80's movie awaiting to begin it's climatic finale as the bands and their prepaid crowds waited in anticipation for the festivities to begin. Let's keep in mind of what this event is. This is not the rocketship to stardom that the teenage bands are romanced into thinking it is. It is a ritual of young bands dreaming of vast worlds of MTV and sold out stadiums, who will ultimately break up and hopefully either find their way in the non-music world or use the experience to grow into a more mature music future. Either way, here's the quick break down.

Rite of Kin- Solid bar room rock. C

The Floor Is Lava- A failed attempt to be Eyes Set To Kill. The singer has a pretty voice, but is misplaced within the flood of hardcore waves and practically inaudible. Random, unecessary techno beats further illustrate this bands lack of ability to arrange anything interesting. F

Within Our Reach- Okay, so hardcore is not my thing, but even I could tell that this was bad. The singer/screamer was cracking his voice the entire set. He reminded me of sounding a lot like Howard's the reference...!v=D5FzCeV0ZFc and seriously, what's with the random techno bullshit? F

The Reprisal- These kids definitely show that they've listened to healthy doses of "...And Justice For All." I couldn't believe the big voice coming out of that little kid. C+

There's Something About Kate- Yes, there is something about There's Something About Kate. Despite their unprofessional demeanor of trash talking everyband and acting like juvenile (ok they are) brats, they managed to put on a solid performance. My suggestion is to let the capable lead singer do his job and not swith off vocals with the other members. Also, when did the mosh pit turn into a synchonized, ballet, Soul Train line? C+

Regretting Silence- Ugh! Okay, here's the obvious comment: More like regretting your sound. First, these kids attempted to buy the crowd vote by offering free treats. Look kids, next time just make a banner that says "we know we suck." Typical "I want to get into your pants" acoustic guitar playing is partnered with a singer who sings out of key ande flat, and further tortures the crowd with awkward, between song banter. If you want to sing badly, join a screamo hardcore band, at least that way, you have a wall of sound to bury your failed attempts.

Like Insects In Amber- Spoiler alert! They won. If you haven't picked up on things, I'm not really big on the hardcore thing. They seemed capable of what they were doing. It sounded a lot like what There's Something About Kate just played. Please, next time, spare me the Disney cover. C-

Odd Man Out- Typical ska. Every song was the unique blend of boredom and toe tapping goodness. Their song "Splits Street" was cool. C

At War With The Inferior- More hardcore, testosterone "goodness" Their son "Let's Kill Chris" was an interesting sparkle amidst a set of typical metalness. C

Sheets of Metal Rain- Guess what they play? How many times do I have to hear the same band in one night? D

Media Safe- Awesome music. A very vintage sound taken straight out of the Josh Homme handbook. However, neither of the singers could sing and that greatly took away from the music. To make things worse, they did a very intimate song with a cello and it only highlighted their lack of vocal ability and the weakness of the lyrical content. Get a frontman and you'll be great! F

The highlight of the night...the delicious bbq cheeseburger. Kudos!

Feel free to cry to me about how awesome you really are and how you are changing things by being the same.


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