Friday, November 26, 2010

The Blue Rose Band, Abandoned Theory, Slap Daddy and Mergence @ Donna Jean's Libations

So I admit I strolled in a bit late. Slap Daddy was on the backend of their set. Immediately I grabbed a good sense of the band. It was the typical band with a pretty girl upfront, proficient technical skills, and nothing of interest. Beyond the great job of shaking her tits and ass the singer had the charisma of your typical kareoke participant, with a meek voice. They proceded into a song "Monster," about addiction. It was bland and riddled with hokey metaphors, and completed with the use of "monster voice" effects. If you drive a mini van, wear jeans with elastic waistbands, and find that going out twice a month is too much excitement for you to handle, than this band is for you. C

Then The Blue Rose Band took the stage. There isn't much you can say about TBRB. They're a tight band. Amanda hits the stage with an unmatched vocal ferocity. Jimmy Rose is definitely one of my favorite Arizona guitar players, with incredible slide techinique. Trevor plays appropriately and in time and Mark has a beautiful SWR rig that I am planning on stealing. A definite go and see. B+

Abandoned Theory began well, with Jimmy Rose lending a guitar solo to the mix. I was sad to see him leave as the guitar sounds that followed seemed to be a forced mix of Eddie Van Halen doing his Stevie Ray Vaughn impression. Tristan provided sultry vocals that reminded me of Alannah Myles (yes, I am so old that I made that reference.) I really enjoyed the vocal playfulness between Tristan and bassist Crystal Rose on their song, "Wine and Dine Me." My interest was greatly peaked, when the tone of the guitar made a change for the discoesque song, "Vegas Baby." I was amazed by the hybrid funk/metal guitar solo. I was glad when they followed it up with a similar tune "S.D.R +R." B-

Last came Mergence. A skillful band that performs an overplayed sound. It was typical jam/indie rock vacillating between the sounds of Phish and Maroon 5. Like I said, it was fine, but I can hear the exact same band on any given night in Tucson. If you need 15 sylables to order your coffee, have to go every night to "be seen," and wear jeans that are the equivalent of a car payment, but have to make sure they look like they came from a thrift store...then this is the band for you. C


Poetry said...

WOW! I don't know what you were smoking at that show but it sure wasn't weed. Mergence was the best band up there that night. Anybody who reads this should check them out for themselves, don't believe this drivel.

- a mergence fan

Julia said...

I was at this show and saw Mergence for the 1st time. I was actually so grateful to have a passionate, original sounding group come out to our neck of the woods. I got the chills from their music. I don't know what you are talking about. Those guys played from the heart and their jeans were not expensive, trust me. For all you people reading this, this blog is way off.

Lauren said...

I totally agree with you guys! Mergence is awesome and as a music writer I have become infatuated with their skill, passionate drive and relaxed demeanor.

Sparkly Princess said...

Thank you for the divergent opinions.